Role of the Death Doula

Bringing peace, compassion, and company to those going through the end of life journey.  While doctors and hospital staff are good at relieving pain at this time, I offer to bring reassurances and comfort to not only those who are about to pass from this world to the next, but also to the friends and relatives that this passing will affect. 

Experienced in end of life companionship and all of the aspects that this represents. Organizing and helping each client’s with their wishes and visions on how they want their final passage to happen;  I help them identify and facilitate their objectives. 

Helping prepare to deal with the grief and bereavement that surrounds a person near the end of life is something that I help with. It is something that people come to terms with in their own way. I help them in that process and help them understand that grieving is natural and can be emotionally challenging. 

legacy work

The idea behind legacy is to remember the past, think of the future and to share that with those in the present. People think of legacy as an act of dying or for the dead, it is actually a celebration of life. A life full of memories and special events and moments that make up the essence of what we love and hold dear. 

Helping clients with legacy work is important to me as I believe in passing on memories from generation to generation. Personally, I have been blessed to have many happy and wonderful experiences that I have witnessed or that I have been given something to treasure from that time. Holding on to those memories and telling stories of them for the next generation keeps the past in better focus and something that is dear to our hearts. They are not just names of past generations; they have lived on as stories, in pictures, a rare video, and even some personal writings and thought that we can look at fondly. 

Leaving this legacy is empowering because it keeps memories alive and lets future generations be enthralled and fascinated by the accomplishments that this generation are making happen. For them to know what is important to you today is such a special way to pass on your knowledge, thoughts, and happy moments are something they will cherish forever, and hopefully add to themselves.

Teaching and helping with legacy projects is something I love to do, please contact me to know more and how I can help. I teach one on one or in groups. 


Hello. My name is Allison Napier. I am a Death Doula. A title that makes me so grateful I found this work. 

I am interested in helping, educating and facilitating healing wherever I can. It is not an easy thing - death - but I hope that together, we can face it and find meaning, growth, and healing there - side by side.

  • The Death Doula
  • The Death Doula

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